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Michelle was barely 14 when she had her first photoshoot. Although she had an early start, it was only after finishing high school at the age of 18 that she gave it her all as a new face in Paris.

From the runway, commercials to fashion editorials ... the start of a career that to this day is still her fulltime job and passion. Meeting new people, creating art and the variety of different adventures keeps her on her toes.

Today Michelle is working as a 30+ timeless model based in Belgium with agency representation all over EU.

Hence she travels frequently to the Netherlands, UK and France.

In addition, the past 2 years Michelle got into acting.

She has been following theater and improv classes and is also taking her first steps into becoming a trained actress thanks to her acting course based on the Meisner Technique. Allready Michelle had some small roles in both movie & TV and she is excited to discover more facets of herself in the magical world of acting.

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